• Forensic consultation service to be offered to members!

    Division 42 will soon offer a Forensic Consultation Service. The goal of this consultation service is to give members of Division 42 who are engage in forensic psychology an opportunity to discuss concerns that may arise when they encounter the world of forensic evaluation and expert testimony.

  • Division 42 Mentoring Programs

    Did you know that we have a mentoring program for early career and seasoned professionals?

  • Congratulations to the 2014 Fast Forward Conference scholarship winners!

    The Student/Early Career Psychologist Committee of Division 42 would like to congratulate the recipients of the four scholarships to attend the 2014 Fast Forward Conference in Long Beach, CA. The winners were selected based on their essay describing how attending the Fast Forward conference would assist them in becoming an independent practitioner.
    The 2014 winners are:
    Dr. Max Nisenbaum
    Sam Marzouk
    Jennifer Kashani
    Ryan Witherspoon

Member Spotlight

Meet our member - Amanda M. Rios, Psy.D.

Dr. Amanda Rios is a licensed psychologist and licensed marriage & family therapist in Chicago, Illinois. She is currently practicing at the Center of Relational Empowerment, PC (CORE). Dr. Rios specializes in Family & Couples Therapy, Diversity/Multicultural Counseling, Child & Adolescent Therapy, Relationships, Group therapy.


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Call for Nominations - 2016

It is now time to submit nominations for 2016 vacancies on the Division 42 Board of Directors. Our Division will be electing a President–Elect, a Secretary, a Diversity Member-at-Large, a Member at Large, a Diversity APA Council Representative, and two APA Council Representatives. Please use the following ballot to nominate colleagues for these positions. Do not forget to validate the ballot by signing it on the bottom. Please participate in this important process to help strengthen our Division for the coming years.

To participate click here and download the pdf. Fill out the form and fax it to the Central Office or email. The information is at the bottom of the form.


Find a Psychologist

You can locate a Division 42 psychologist in our Member Directory.

If you'd like to do a wider search, you may use the APA Find a Psychologist locator.

Message from the President

Promoting a Culture of Inspiration and Innovation in Practice

I am truly honored and blessed with the opportunity to serve as the first Asian-American woman president of Division 42. As a diversity leader, this is particularly meaningful to me, as it reflects an integral characteristic of our division that not only values differences, but fosters inclusiveness and recognizes the strength and richness diversity brings to the composition of 42. My overarching mission this year is to expound upon key values from my diversity background to promote and build upon the unique culture which makes 42 a great division.

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