Distinguished Psychologist of the Year Award

Recommendations for the Distinguished Psychologist of the Year Award are presented by the Awards Committee to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors for approval at the first board meeting of the year.  The award is then presented by the President of the Division.

Guidelines for the selection of the recipient of the Distinguished Psychologist of the Year Award:

  • Distinguished, sustained service in the practice of psychology.  While no specific length of service is required, a minimum of 15 to 20 years should be the norm.
  • The candidate is licensed and devotes a significant portion of time to the delivery of services.
  • Evidence of having received local, state, or national recognition.
  • The achievement of recognition by an appropriate specialty board.
  • Having served on local, state, or national boards, committees, and/or a Division of APA.
  • The publication of theoretical, scientific, and/or research articles, books, monographs, and assessment devices which have made a demonstrable impact on the practice or thinking of colleagues.
  • The recipient of honors from other professional organizations.
  • Significant contribution in the areas of the training and/or teaching of colleagues.
  • Distinguished contribution to public welfare as a psychologist.

Current Recipients

Lisa Grossman
and Jeffrey Younggren are co-recipients of the Psychologist of the Year Award.

“Service and Leadership” are Lisa Grossman’s middle names. She is an eminent psychologist with sustained, impactful service and outstanding achievements to psychology on state and national levels. Lisa is a highly respected, astonishingly productive and innovative leader, and an inspirational role model to many. She has been President of the Illinois Psychological Association, along with being consistently involved in APA governance, having served on the APA Board of Directors (BOD), President of Divisions 42 and 31, and on multiple other boards and committees within the APA (Board of Professional Affairs, Policy and Planning, Finance Committee, the APA COR, and President of the American Board of Clinical Psychology. She has assumed almost every leadership position within Division 42. In recognition of Lisa’s exceptional devotion to psychology, advancement of practice, and major contributions, she has received the APF 2014 Rosalee G. Weiss Award, APA 2010 Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Independent Practice, Karl F. Heiser Presidential Award for Advocacy, Division 42 Mentoring Award, and Outstanding Psychologist in a SPTA by Division 31. Moreover, in 2014, Lisa, along with Steve Walfish co-edited a major book publication Translating Psychological Research into Practice.

For over 40 years, Jeffrey Younggren has demonstrated exemplary service in clinical and forensics psychology, the education of other psychologists, as well as his ongoing contributions to Division 42 and to APA. From 1998 to 2015, Jeff was a risk management consultant to the APA Insurance Trust, whereby many psychologists were able to benefit from his excellent workshop presentations packed with important information in ethical, legal and risk management issues. His local, state, and national recognitions are impressive. Jeff received the Silver Psi Award from CPA in 2009, APA Presidential Citation in 2011, the Distinguished Contribution to Psychology as a Profession Award through the CPA in 2014, and the Presidential Citation from the Tennessee Psychological Association the same year. Jeff has served and chaired the CPA Ethics Committee and the APA Ethics Committee. He is past President of Division 42, a current COR, and was a former APA Accreditation Site visitor. Jeff is the Associate Editor of the Journal Ethics and Behavior and was the Consulting Editor for Professional Psychology: Research and Practice for five years. He has 19 refereed publications and 33 non-refereed publications as well as authoring seven books and chapters.

(Award statements by June W.J. Ching, Ph.D., ABPP — 2016 Awards Committee Chair) 


Award History —  Distinguished Psychologist of the Year Award
  • 1981 Herbert J. Freudenberger
  • 1982 Marvin Metsky
  • 1983 Stanley R. Graham
  • 1984 Jack G. Wiggins
  • 1985 Evelyn Hill
  • 1986 Robert Weitz
  • 1987 Stanley Moldawsky
  • 1988 Arthur L. Kovacs
  • 1989 Mathilda Canter
  • 1990 George D. Goldman
  • 1991 Karen Zager
  • 1992 Michael F. Enright
  • 1993 Sandra Haber   
  • 1994 Richard H. Mikesell
  • 1996 Dorothy W. Cantor
  • 1997 Karen Shore
  • 1998 Michael Murphy
  • 1999 T. Richard Saunders
  • 2000 Norine Johnson
  • 2001 Alan Entin
  • 2002 Carol Goodheart
  • 2003 Ron Levant
  • 2004 Norma Simon
  • 2005 Bonnie Markham
  • 2006 Jean Carter
  • 2007 Jeffrey Barnett
  • 2008 Melba Vasquez
  • 2009 Robert Resnick
  • 2010 Jeff Mangavita
  • 2011 Lillian Comas-Diaz
  • 2012 Laura Barbanel
  • 2013 Nancy Molitor
  • 2014 Helen Coons
  • 2015 I. Bruce Frumkin
  • 2016 Lisa Grossman and Jeffrey Younggren