Rosalee G. Weiss Award

The Rosalee G. Weiss Award is a joint award with the Division of Psychotherapy (Division 29).  The award is made possible by an endowment given to the American Psychological Foundation by Raymond A. Weiss.  It was established in 1994 by Raymond A. Weiss, PhD, in honor of his wife Rosalee.  The lecturer receives an $800 honorarium.  Representatives of Division 42 and Division 29 recommend the award candidates to the Board of the American Psychological Foundation, and the Foundation administers the lecture series. 

The candidate is chosen on alternate years by Division 42 and Division 29. The Awards Committees of both divisions shall employ the following guidelines for the selection of the recipient.

  • Outstanding leader in arts or science whose contributions have significance for Psychology, but whose careers are not directly in the spheres encompassed by Psychology; or
  • Outstanding leaders in any of the special areas within the spheres of Psychology.

Current Recipient

Jana Martin
 is the recipient of this year’s Rosalee G. Weiss Award.

Jana Martin has been an exceptional and dedicated leader in psychology, both in psychological practice as well as expanding her career beyond the traditional parameters of the profession into executive management. In the sphere of community service delivery, she has held leadership positions of Director, Chief Psychologist, Clinical Program Director and Psychological Consultant. Jana is currently CEO for the American Insurance Trust and President, Trust Risk Management Service, a premiere organization that provides risk management tools, financial security, and liability insurance for psychologists. She has served in governance positions on local and state levels within various organizations consisting of being President of the California Psychological Association (CPA) and Los Angeles County Psychological Association, President of Division 42, President and Board member of St. Mary’s Hospital and Children’s Dental Foundation and Board of Directors Trustee for the American Psychological Insurance Trust. For 10 years, Jana was the California Public Education Coordinator for the APA. She has published widely and has in excess of 300 appearances including media presentations and continuing education workshops.  In recognition of Jana’s distinguished service and leadership, she has received multiple accolades and awards, including twice being heralded as a Woman of Distinction, recognition by Senators as a nominee for Woman of the Year, Distinguished Contribution to the Profession of Psychology Award from CPA, Presidential Citation from APA, and Distinguished Contribution to the Los Angeles County Psychological Association Award..

(Award statements by June W.J. Ching, Ph.D., ABPP — 2016 Awards Committee Chair) 


Award History — Rosalee G. Weiss Award
  • 1994 Asher Pacht     
  • 1995 Donald R. Peterson     
  • 1996 Peter Nathan     
  • 1997 Ellen McGrath
  • 1998 Bert Karon     
  • 1999 Larry Buetler     
  • 2000 Andrea Farkas Patenaude     
  • 2001 James O.Prochaska
  • 2002 Lillian Comas Diaz
  • 2003 John Norcross
  • 2004 Nancy McWilliams
  • 2005 Marvin Goldfried
  • 2006 Olivia M. Espin
  • 2007 Derald Sue Wing
  • 2008 Alan Entin
  • 2009 Barbara Romberg
  • 2010 John Dividio
  • 2011 Nadine Kaslow
  • 2012 Robert Brooks
  • 2013 Jeffrey Barnett
  • 2014 Lisa Grossman
  • 2015 Beverly Greene
  • 2016 Jana Martin