Dear Colleagues,

Each year our Division provides APA President-Elect candidates with information on how to seek the Division’s Endorsement (Click here for the Division 42’s Policy on providing Endorsements).   The Division’s Policy requires that candidates submit materials to the Division by June 15 (no extensions are granted).   The Division then reviews the materials received by the deadline and decides during its Board meeting at APA Convention, which, if any, candidates will receive the Division’s endorsement (see Division 42 Policy for review criteria used).  At the 2017 Mid-Winter Board Meeting, the Board revised the policy to allow for the publication of materials candidates provide to the Division prior to the Board’s vote. This revision was made in response to members’ and candidates’ queries in the past about a wider distribution of candidate materials.

This year 3 APA President-Elect Candidates provided materials to the Division by the June 15 deadline. Please find below the questions posed by the Division and candidate responses.

Questions sent to the 2017 nominees for APA President- Elect

  1. Please describe your contributions to the independent practice of psychology, including any positions held and committee work past and/or currently you have made to Division 42.
  1. The financial crisis facing the APAPO is a critical issue affecting the viability of the Practice Organization that will seriously affect the future ability to advance, defend and protect the practice of psychology.  What concrete measure(s) would you implement to address this financial and viability issue on behalf of the APAPO and practice constituents?
  1. Please provide your position and how you intend to address each of these important APA governance concerns: a) improved transparency of the APA BOD with APA Council; b) the Good Governance Project, particularly the delegation of fiscal and operational responsibilities exclusively to the APA BOD; c) the Independent Review and re-engaging of Hoffman.
  1. What do you see as additional vital area (s) facing the independent practice of psychology? How do you plan to confront these areas during your presidency?

The candidates’ responses are listed on the pages linked to below: