Are you struggling to find a comfortable work-life balance? If so, please listen to our Virtual Learning Hours series with guest speaker, Dr. Lauren Behrman, who discussed how she has built a successful practice while also taking time for her family on the topic of Mothers in Private Practice.

Dr. Behrman has been in private practice since 1986 and raised 3 children while maintaining her own business. She has reinvented her practice more than once and opened practices in 3 different counties. Additionally, she founded The Practice Institute in 2011 to help colleagues develop thriving mental health practices and has been conducting a ‘Mom’s in Practice’ ongoing clinician support group/seminar since 2011. We hope you can join us for this wonderful discussion!

Topics discussed were:

  • Work/life balance
  • Strategy changes within your practice as your children grow and develop
  • The importance of having a backup plan
  • Making time for self-care
  • Benefits of being a mother in private practice

The call was held on September 19th .

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Feel free to include any additional topics of interest or questions that you would like included in the learning hour.

The recording of this presentation is below: