Winter 2018 IP

The Winter 2018 Independent Practitioner is now available.

Mentorshoppe is now open!

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Practice Innovations

Do you have experience, research or ideas to share with other mental health clinicians?

Practice Innovations is actively soliciting manuscripts relevant to practitioner needs and interests. Manuscripts may include traditional research, but we will also welcome reviews, innovative service models, and other alternative presentations.

Diversity Resources

Visit our Diversity Resource Center for tools on working with diverse clients.

Division 42 Fellows Status

We want to encourage you to consider applying for Fellow status in Division 42. Fellow status is a special distinction for those who show evidence of unusual and outstanding contributions with national impact in the field of psychology and independent practice in particular.

Division News and Notes

Did You Know?

In February the Multicultural Toolkit Task Force and later augmented by the Diversity in Practice Task Force published a section on this website that allows you to access multiple sources and tools related to multicultural competence and the development of untapped...

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Spring 2017 Independent Practitioner

The Spring edition of the Independent Practitioner is now available here. Candidate Statements for Division 42 offices are in this issue, in addition, some featured articles include: Underdiagnosed and Misunderstood: Females with ADHD by  Julie T. Steck, and Clinical...

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Therapy Note

Login Info

If you have not received your new login info for this updated Division 42 site, please contact Rick at and he will get your information sent to you right away.

If you would like to change your password from the one that was assigned to you then click here and scroll down to the Password section.

Call for Nominations

Nominate Division 42 officers and Board members for 2019 here. Nominations need to be submitted by January 8, 2018.

Find a Psychologist

You can locate a Division 42 psychologist in our Member Directory.

If you'd like to do a wider search, you may use the APA Find a Psychologist locator.

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  • Co-writing with a patient.
  • Evidence-based practice resources.
  • Outcome measures and treatment fidelity.
  • Billing Medicare for psychotherapy services.
  • Collecting payments online.

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