Division 42 Committee Chairs (2024)

Please consider volunteering for one of our committees or projects, and contact the chair of the group(s) in which you are interested. Most tasks do not take up much time, and committee involvement is a great way to acquire in-depth perspectives on issues affecting psychological practice.

You will probably make new friends, too!  😀 

Advocacy/Federal Advocacy
Julie Wolter, PsyD


Peter Oppenheimer, PhD

Continuing Education
Cami Winkelspecht, PhD



Bhupin Butaney, PhD


Lisa Grossman, JD, PhD, ABPP


Sidney Trantham, PhD 

Forensics Committee and Conference
Lenore Walker, EdD, ABPP


David Shapiro, PhD, ABPP



Independent Practitioner

Eileen Kohutis, PhD

Independent Practitioner

Associate Editor
La Keita Carter, PsyD


Independent Practitioner

Associate Editor
Theresa M. Schultz, PhD


Listserv Moderator

Laura Taylor, PhD

Dr. Linda CampbellMarketing and Public Education
Linda Campbell, PhD


Laura Faynor-Ciha, PhD



About the Membership Committee for APA Division 42

The Membership Committee is formed to recruit and support membership of the Division by:

  • Keeping track of membership trends
  • Making suggestions to the BOD regarding membership categories
  • Establishing goals and initiating activities for increasing membership growth and fostering membership retention.
  • Identifying diverse membership needs
  • Making recommendations to the board and finance committee for changes in membership dues
  • Proposing new benefits and initiating activities to engage members
  • Conducting periodic membership surveys, as deemed appropriate, regarding membership needs and membership satisfaction
  • Providing a mechanism for welcoming new members to the Division

The Committee is fortunate to have a dynamic and dedicated membership. Presently, the group is working on two main projects:

  • Division 42 has many programs that focus on Early Career Psychologists, including the Mentorshoppe Program.  In collaboration with the Marketing and Public Communications Committee and with APA staff, Membership is presently focusing on retention and recruitment of Mid-Career Psychologists. Surveys were sent to three distinct Mid-Career Groups: former 42 members, new 42 members, and current long-term members. The results of these surveys has assisted 42 to adapt programs and services geared to mid-career members, to recruit leaders from this cohort, and to provide CE that will meet their specific needs.
  • The Committee is also in the midst of a joint Membership Marketing Project with APA. APA will assign in-house experts in graphic design and marketing to develop an email and print campaign for us. If this is successful, it can be expanded within APA.

If you are interested in working on this committee, contact Laura Faynor-Ciha, Chair, at laura.faynorcihaphd@gmail.com


Amy Van Arsdale, PhD



Nominations and Elections
Peter Oppenheimer, PhD

About the Nominations and Elections Committee for APA Division 42

The nominating committee iss charged with soliciting member nominations and then creating an election slate.

Dr. Jeff ZimmermanPractice Innovations Journal
Jeff Zimmerman, PhD, ABPP


About the Practice Innovations Journal for APA Division 42

Practice Innovations serves practitioners by publishing clinical, practical, and research articles on current and evolving standards, practices, and methods in professional mental health practice. Designed as a cross-disciplinary publication with a multi-theoretical scope, the journal supports innovation and the highest standards of care in mental health practice. Coverage areas include population-based practice issues, procedure or technique-based practice issues, diagnosis-based practice issues, and service delivery models.

Practice Innovations is actively soliciting manuscripts relevant to practitioner needs and interests. Manuscripts may include traditional research, but we will also welcome reviews, innovative service models, and other alternative presentations.  They key focal point for successful manuscripts relates to promoting best practices and innovations in clinical, ethical and risk-management, or business of practice areas. Successful manuscripts will be high quality thoughtful contributions that can assist mental health clinicians in active practice. All manuscripts will go through our peer review process

Find out more about submitting a manuscript here:

If you have questions or need more information, please feel free to contact:

Jeff Zimmerman, PhD, ABPP, Editor

Convention Program
Amy Van Arsdale, PhD


Dr. Terrence KollerPublications and Communications
Terrence Koller, PhD, ABPP


About the Publications and Communications (P&C) Committee for APA Division 42

The Publications and Communications Committee (P&C) oversees the publications of the Division and all other media sponsored by and identified with the Division.

The P&C Committee is made up of six subcommittees:

  • Social Media Committee (Derek Phillips: drderekphillips87@gmail.com) – Maintains Division 42 accounts at Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Committee members post information on Division 42 activities and events.
  • Listserv Committee (Chair: Laura Taylor: laurataylorphd@hushmail.com) – oversees and monitors the listserv. Committee member have their fingers on the pulse of what is important to independent practitioners and can provide feedback to the Division 42 leadership about members’ needs.
  • Independent Practitioner Magazine (Editor: Eileen Kohutis: eileen@drkohutis.com) – updates members on the activities of the Division, and publishes articles written by members. This committee is a great match for those who are interested in curating and editing content relevant to independent practice.
  • Website Committee (Chair: Derek Phillips: drderekphillips87@gmail.com) – manages the website to ensure that the content is accessible and up to date. Committee members monitor content for accuracy and continually work to keep content fresh and engaging. They also work with other media committee members to help increase hits to the site.
  • Practice Innovations Journal (Editor: Jeffrey Zimmerman: drz@jzphd.com)– our newest media outlet. This committee oversees the solicitation, review and publication of articles. The Journal is currently soliciting for editors for 5 special sections:
    • Clinician’s Corner
    • Multicultural issues
    • Professional Development
    • Pediatrics
    • PTSD
  • Marketing and Public Education Committee (Chair: Linda Campbell: lcampbel@arches.uga.edu) – currently working on a survey of mid-career psychologists. Division 42 members who are interested in marketing and public education can make significant contributions to this committee.

New committee members are welcome for all the above.
For more information, contact committee chairs as listed.

Derek Phillips, PsyD, MSCP, ABMP


About the Website Committee for APA Division 42

The website operates as a public-facing invitation to Division 42, and as a members-only resource and institutional memory/archive for the Division. Editors manage the Div42 website to ensure that the content is accurate, accessible and up to date, working in close collaboration with other P&C committee members to keep content fresh and engaging, and to help increase the utility and popularity of the website’s offerings to members and to the general public.

Please contact Derek Phillips (drderekphillips87@gmail.com) for more information, to offer suggestions or critiques, and to volunteer content and/or editorial assistance.