Division Awards

Esteemed 42 Colleagues:

One of the joys of being Past-President of the Division is my opportunity to Chair the Awards Committee and revel through the impressive nominations of our 42 members. The vetting process of designating award winners involved an open call for nominations for the Division 42 awards, convening the Awards Committee, review of submitted nomination materials, and discussion of strengths of all those nominated. This year, the Committee consisted of Lindsey Buckman, Lenore Walker, Jeff Younggren, and myself. The Committee then made recommendations of candidates for the awards to the voting members of the Division 42 Board of Directors at the recent Mid-Winter Board meeting, who then made the final decision.

The awards for this year are the Rosalie G. Weiss Award, Distinguished Psychologist of the Year Award, Distinguished Public Service Award, and the Mentoring Award. Additionally, the Awards Committee established a 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award. (Follow the links for details on current and past awardees.)

The Rosalie G. Weiss Award is made in rotating years between Division 29 and Division 42.  It should be noted that the final decision on this award is made by the American Psychological Foundation (APF). Therefore, the named awardee is one that we are submitting to APF for approval.

I would highly encourage Division members to become actively involved in nominating colleagues that they find deserving of awards next year. At that point in time, Past-President Lori Thomas will have the pleasure of notifying the award winners. 

Mahalo to Lindsey, Lenore and Jeff Y. for their service to the Division. 


June W J Ching, PhD, ABPP
Past-President, APA Division 42
Chair, Division 42 Awards Committee

Awards History

Distinguished Psychologist of the Year Award

Distinguished Public Service Award

Rosalee G. Weiss Award 

Mentoring Award

Lifetime Achievement Award