APA Candidate: Todd Finnerty

1. Please describe your contributions to the independent practice of psychology, including any positions held and committee work past and/or currently you have made to Division 42.

I haven’t been paid a salary, had a paid sick day or a paid vacation since the Summer of 2004. I live the life of an independent practitioner and I know what an independent practitioner is (in fact I’m a solo practitioner). I don’t have any university affiliations and my primary focus as president will be on practice. I have been a member of Division 42 for around 5 years. I’d be happy if Division 42 endorsed me. In making your determination please also feel free to review the responses I’ve submitted to questions from Division 42’s Board from the multiple previous times I’ve run for APA President. You can also find some of my past responses collected on my website at www.toddfinnerty.com.

2. The financial crisis facing the APAPO is a critical issue affecting the viability of the Practice Organization that will seriously affect the future ability to advance, defend and protect the practice of psychology.  What concrete measure(s) would you implement to address this financial and viability issue on behalf of the APAPO and practice constituents?

This question is depressing; now we’re all forlornly staring at APAPO’s dwindling checkbook and “financial crisis.” Why do we talk about APA as having “members” while APAPO is something we must fund? Where are the calls for APAPO members to volunteer more than money– their blood, sweat, and tears– on national advocacy campaigns? Where’s the organization part of the practice organization? I don’t see it. I don’t see it because it isn’t there. I wish this question said, “how do you plan to organize and mobilize a large, national army of psychologists?” If I’m elected that’s the question we’ll ask. I believe we should stop requiring that psychologists be APA members in order for them to join APAPO. That’s just one concrete example. If you’d like to hear more feel free to review past statements I’ve written about this (see www.toddfinnerty.com) or call me personally on my cell (330)495-8809.

3. Please provide your position and how you intend to address each of these important APA governance concerns: a) improved transparency of the APA BOD with APA Council; b) the Good Governance Project, particularly the delegation of fiscal and operational responsibilities exclusively to the APA BOD; c) the Independent Review and re-engaging of Hoffman.a)Transparency.

It is amusing that the author(s) of this question thinks that all of these issues can be addressed meaningfully in 150 words total. I am aware of the position of some members of the Division 42 Board on each of these issues; I personally don’t think they’re what independent practitioners are most worried about for their daily lives as psychologists. I’d be more focused on what independent practitioners actually care about—though I am concerned about transparency in APA governance in general (not just the APA BOD) and would support increased transparency. For example, I support recording and publishing each and every vote of each specific APA Council Member so that they’re beholden to their constituents- where does the Division 42 Board stand on that?

4. What do you see as additional vital area (s) facing the independent practice of psychology? How do you plan to confront these areas during your presidency?

As a solo practitioner who intends to always remain my own boss, I’ll help maintain the independence-part of the phrase independent practice. We won’t simply capitulate to the multiple forces which threaten our small businesses. I advocate for those who are being bullied by policies and regulations which aren’t fair (and I’ve had some success). As an independent practitioner, I’m the ideal candidate for Division 42. I believe there is no psychology without psychologists; I’ll help remind APA of the key importance of focusing not just on psychology but on psychologists. Feel free to read what I’ve written elsewhere since 2012, email me at toddfinnerty@toddfinnerty.com and/or call me directly on my cell (330)495-8809. Thank you for your time.