Call for Nominations for 2025 Board of Directors


Dear Division 42 Colleagues,

Please submit nominations (using the form below) for 2025 vacancies on the Division 42 Board of Directors! Our Division will be electing a President–Elect, Secretary, and two Members-at-Large. Please use the following ballot to nominate colleagues for these positions. Self-nominations are welcomed. Do not forget to validate the ballot by signing it on the bottom.

Important to note is that Division 42 is committed to a policy of diversity, equity, and inclusion and we strive to identify members from diverse ethnic, cultural, sexual orientation, and other personal backgrounds to serve in the Division’s leadership, task forces, committees, and other governance groups.

NOTE: Members-at-Large and APA Council Representatives, if elected, may be asked to serve in one of the following areas: Convention Program, Membership, Publications & Communications, Advocacy, and any other governance positions that the Board deems appropriate. Committee details can be found here listed below each committee.

Peter Oppenheimer, PhD
2023-2024 Chair, Nominations and Elections Committee

Descriptions of Open Board Positions

President-Elect: The President-Elect is a member of the Board of Directors with vote and performs the duties which are usual and customary for a Vice-President. In the event that the President fails to serve their term for any reason, the President-Elect shall succeed to the unexpired remainder of the term and continue to serve through their scheduled term. The President-Elect is also a member of the Executive Committee with vote, which is comprised of the Officers of the Division.

Member-at-Large: The Member-at-Large shall represent the interests of the larger Division membership on the Board of Directors. They shall function in any capacity assigned by the President that does not conflict with their responsibility to the membership at large. The duties of this position will likely be initially designated by the President-Elect. The President and/or President-Elect may consider assigning the Member-at-Large to serve as Chair or Chair-elect of one of the Division’s committees as a measure for increasing continuity (i.e., board succession plan), board efficiency, and streamlining board functions.

Call for Nominations for 2024

  • Nominations for President-elect

    (one to be elected you may nominate up to three)
  • Nominations for Treasurer

    (one to be elected you may nominate up to three)
  • Nominations for Member At Large

    (two to be elected, you may nominate up to six)
  • Nominations for Early Career Psychologist (ECP) Representative

    (one to be elected you may nominate up to three)
  • Nominations for Representatives to APA Council

    (one to be elected you may nominate up to three)
  • You can sign the form with your signature. If you have a touch screen, just use your finger or stylus. If not, you can sign using your mouse and cursor.
  • Deadline: February 8, 2023