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Spring 2022 | Independent Practitioner

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Summer 2015

This issue includes these articles and more.

The Inevitable Winds of Change — Pat DeLeon
Further Limits of Confidentiality — David Shapiro
Selective Mutism: More Than Just Shy? — Aimee Kotrba
Linguistic Diversity: Strengthening your Connection with Non-Native English Speakers — Douglas C. Haldeman

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Spring 2015

This issue includes these articles and more.

Public Health Consulting for Safety: The Welcome Mat is Out for Independent Practitioners — Robert H. Woody
Limits of Confidentiality: Confusion Regarding Implementation — David Shapiro
Essential Clinical Practice Strategies for the Prevention for Disciplinary Complaints — Jeffrey E. Barnett
Featured Expert Review: Understanding and Treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder using CBT — Lata K. McGinn

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Winter 2015

This issue includes these articles and more.

President’s Column — June W. J. Ching
Independent Practice Under the Affordable Care Act — Robert H. Woody
Trends in Malpractice Litigation — David Shapiro
Featured Expert Review: Forensic CBT: An Integrated Approach for Working With Justice-Involved Clients — Raymond Chip Tafrate and Damon Mitchell
Growing and Sustaining a Private Practice — Steven Walfish
Diversity Narrative Project — Michi Fu & Doug Haldeman

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