A Big Thank You to our Sustaining Member Donors!

One of the perks of long-term membership in APA is that after 25 years of paying dues and reaching age 65, you become a dues-exempt “Life Status” member, which extends to divisions as well. Division 42 currently has about 750 Life Status members, who are no longer obligated to pay division dues.

However, many of our Life Status Members are still working, and do want to continue supporting division initiatives and activities. A big thank you to the following dues-exempt Life Status members, who recently made voluntary contributions to Division 42 – our 2021 Sustaining Member donors to-date are:

  • Larry Beer

  • Lucy Daniels
  • Laney Ducharme

  • Gary Emanuel

  • Tibor Jukelevics

  • Nancy McGarrah

  • Richard Moser

  • Judith Patterson

  • Kent Rude

  • Caroline Sedlacek

  • David Shapiro

  • Jeffrey Zimmerman

If you are a Life Status member, we welcome your sustaining member contribution of $42, $65 (our current member rate), $100 or any other amount. You can learn more and donate here.