The Division 42 Board of Directors endorsed Dr. Susan Whitbourne for President-elect of the American Psychological Association.
Questions of all candidates were approved by the Division 42 Board of Directors, and answers were sought with a deadline. The Immediate Past-President of Division 42 chaired a committee that reviewed the responses received by the deadline. The committee rated the answers using two items:  1.  Was it [the answer] responsive to the question? 1 (Not at All) through 5 (Completely); and 2.  Does the response promote the mission of Division 42? 1 (Not at All) through 5 (Completely). The ratings were averaged across the committee, and those average ratings were used to create a rank ordered list from highest ratings to lowest.
The rank ordered list was reviewed by the Division 42 Board of Directors, including a discussion of the candidates and their responses.  Dr. Whitbourne’s responses to the questions posed by the Division were found to be the highest rated among the candidates by the committee members, leading the committee to recommend her. The Board then voted to endorse Dr. Whitbourne.  Below are the questions asked of the candidates for APA President-elect, and their responses.  For more information on Dr. Whitbourne and the other nominees requesting endorsement please click on the names as they are listed below the questions.
  1. Please describe your contributions to the professional practice of psychology, including any positions held and past or current committee work in Division 42.
  2. The recent reorganization of the Association into APA (c3) and APASI (c6) is a critical issue affecting the ability to advance, defend, and protect the practice of psychology. What concrete measure(s) would you implement to address this issue on behalf of practice constituents, particularly to address the significant budget deficits at APA and how services for practicing psychologists will be maintained when budget revisions occur in-light of the remarkable staff reductions made in June 2020?
  3. Please provide your position and how you intend to address each of the following APA governance concerns: a) improved transparency of the APA Board of Directors (BoD) with APA Council and b) the continued effects of the Good Governance Project, particularly the delegation of fiscal and operational responsibilities exclusively to the APA BoD, given how the current APA procedures have resulted in very large deficits in the last two fiscal years.
  4. What do you see as additional vital area(s) facing the practice of psychology? How do you plan to confront these areas during your presidency?

The Division 42 Endorsement Committee received statements from the following four candidates: