The Associate Editor (AE) assists the Editor in the development of quarterly issues of the Bulletin. This includes the solicitation of articles appropriate for the Bulletin, review of submissions to be considered for publication, and proofreading the galley proofs just prior to the publication of each issue. The AE may also write Editorials that will appear in the IP.

It is the charge of the Editor and AE to make the Independent Practitioner (IP) a publication of excellence that Division 42 members will want to read, find useful in their clinical and business aspects of their practice. While the final responsibility of the content of the IP lies with the Editor it is expected that the Editor and AE will develop a collaborative and close working relationship to produce an outstanding resource for Division 42 members.

The AE will also participate in Division committee meetings. These may be directly related to the IP, as well as other publication and communication outlets of the Division. In addition, the AE will participate in Division Board meetings as a nonvoting member. If funds are available they may attend the Division Mid-Winter meeting.

This is a volunteer position and runs for a three-year term. It is expected that the AE will become the next Editor of the IP at the conclusion of the three-year term.  However. since the Editor position will vacate in one year, the Associate Editor may become Editor at that time, though the responsibility for this decision lies with the Division 42 Board of Directors. The position of Editor does carry a small stipend.

Those interested in applying should send a Statement of Interest and a copy of their CV to Jeannie Beeaff at