Distinguished Public Service Award

Recommendations for the Distinguished Public Service Award are presented by the Awards Committee to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors for approval at the first board meeting of the year.  The award is then presented by the President of the Division.

The Board of Directors shall use the following resources as sources of recommendation for the selection of possible recipients of the Distinguished Public Service Award:

  • The APA Practice Directorate
  • State Psychological Associations in the region where the Annual Convention is being held.
  • Congressional Fellows of APA.

It is desirable to coordinate selection of awardees with the Chief Executive Officers and Vice-Presidents of APA.

Current Recipient

Josephine Johnson
 is the recipient of this year’s Distinguished Public Service Award.

Josephine Johnson is most deserving of this award through her contributions and commitment to the provision of psychological services to communities, along with her active involvement in the areas of multiculturalism, diversity, advocacy, and self-care. In addition to her private practice, Jo has served as a consultant to residential treatment centers, community mental health agencies, a special education center, and a university counseling center. Furthermore, Jo has contributed to the field and to the public with her APAPO presentations and publications on topics of Integrating Multicultural Competencies into Independent Practice and Ethics and Multiculturalism: Advancing Cultural and Clinical Responsiveness. She was on the Task Force to Review and Update the Multicultural Guidelines and chaired the Task Force on Implementation of the Multicultural Guidelines. Jo has been an active leader in state, division and APA governance, having served as President of the Michigan Psychological Association (MPA), MPA FAC, APA BOD, Division 42 COR and chair of the APA Membership Board. She has been honored with awards by the APA Committee of State Leaders Diversity Delegates, MPA, Farmington-Farmington Hills Multicultural Multiracial Council, and Pepperdine University.

(Award statements by June W.J. Ching, Ph.D., ABPP — 2016 Awards Committee Chair) 


Award History — Distinguished Public Service Award     
  • 1984 U.S. Representative Claude Pepper
  • 1985 Senator Alan Cranston     
  • 1986 Donald Ian MacDonald     
  • 1987 US Representative William Gray III     
  • 1988 Senator JD Rockefeller IV and US Representative Charles Rangel     
  • 1989 Bryant Welch and the APA Practice Directorate     
  • 1990 Patrick DeLeon     
  • 1991 Bruce Bronzan     
  • 1992 None     
  • 1993 Jack Wiggins     
  • 1994 APA Disaster Response Network     
  • 1995 None     
  • 1996 None     
  • 1997 Senator Pete V Domenici
  • 1998 Russell Newman
  • 1999 Senator Tom Harkin
  • 2000 None
  • 2001 Stephen Pfeiffer
  • 2002 None
  • 2003 Henry Saeman (posthumously)
  • 2004 Michael Sullivan
  • 2005 James Quillan
  • 2006 Geoff Reed
  • 2007 Lori Valencia Greene, MS (APA Practice Directorate)
  • 2008 Peter Sheras and Rhea Farberman
  • 2009 Barbara V. Romberg
  • 2011 Stephen Behnke
  • 2012 Elaine Ducharme
  • 2013 None
  • 2014 G. Andrew H. Benjamin
  • 2015 Arthur C. Evans, Jr.
  • 2016 Josephine Johnson