Division 42 Board of Directors Endorsement Recommendation for APA President Elect

by | Sep 16, 2019

Division 42 endorses Jennifer Kelly, Ph.D. and Bob Woody, Ph.D. for APA President-elect, and encourages you to give them your #1 and #2 votes, in your order of preference.

This decision, approved by the Division 42 Board at its Aug 10, 2019 meeting, was based on review of written statements from five candidates who requested the Division’s endorsement: Jean Lau Chin, PhD; Steve Hollon, PhD; Jennifer Kelly, PhD; Susan K. Whitbourne, PhD; and Bob Woody, PhD.
For decades, Dr. Kelly and Dr. Woody have been active and influential in both Division 42 and APA, and each has a record of strong advocacy for independent practice of psychology.

Read the statements of all candidates who requested endorsement by clicking/tapping on their names.

If you are an APA member, you will receive an email with a link to your ballot. Please don’t ignore it.

Do exercise your right to vote!

Endorsed Candidates:

Candidates who requested endorsement from Division 42:

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