Practice Innovations is Coming Soon

The Division is part of a new publication beginning in March of 2016.

Practice Innovations serves practitioners by publishing clinical, practical, and research articles on current and evolving standards, practices, and methods in professional mental health practice. Designed as a cross-disciplinary publication with a multi-theoretical scope, the journal supports innovation and the highest standards of care in mental health practice. Anticipated coverage areas include population-based practice issues, procedure or technique-based practice issues, diagnosis-based practice issues, and service delivery models.

The Editor is Steven Walfish, PhD, and has an extensive Editorial Board that you can find listed here.

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Topics of coverage will include:

  • Conceptual and technical developments in assessment and intervention;
  • Applications of ethics in practice;
  • Ongoing professional self-care;
  • Challenging problems and populations;
  • Evolving practice models and settings;
  • Important issues regarding innovations in practice and practice settings