Proposed Diversity Bylaw Amendment

Brief history of the proposed Bylaws amendment

In 2016, the Diversity Committee made a motion to the Division 42 Board to change the Diversity Committee from a Continuing Committee to a Standing Committee.  The Division 42 Board, in its commitment to issues of Diversity, unanimously voted to approve the motion.  The Diversity Committee (to be called the Committee on Diversity Concerns) is now seeking a Bylaws Amendment, which requires a vote of the Division Membership, to be listed as one of the Division’s Standing Board Committees.


As a Standing Committee, the Committee on Diversity Concerns, like the Membership, Program, and Publications and Communications Committees, will be considered “a body required for the carrying out of essential Division services” and is “deemed critical” for the Division to pursue.   In the Division’s Bylaws, a Standing Committee is distinguished from a Continuing Committee in the following ways: 1. The Chair is appointed by the President-elect; 2. The members of the committee are either members or fellows of the Division; 3. Members of the committee shall serve three-year staggered terms. These features of the Standing Committee add to the continuity and hence the sustainability of the committee.

The current Diversity Team members are:
Chairs, Lindsey Buckman, Armand Cerbone, June Ching, Terry Gock, Mili Thomas, and Lori Thomas.

Please vote on the following amendment to the Division 42 Bylaws: