Diversity Resource Guide

The 2013 Diversity in Practice Task Force was formed as a vehicle for fostering and communicating values of mutual respect and appreciation of diversity within the Division 42 membership while also assisting Division members in identifying evolving markets and building tools and products to meet the specialized needs of diverse communities and shifting healthcare directions.  The task force adopted APA’s definition of diversity to encompass culture, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, disability, age, and religion. 

The following diversity resource was adapted by the Diversity in Practice Task Force building on the work of Division 42’s Multicultural Toolkit Task Force in collaboration with Division 29. The Diversity Resource Guide contains literature (e.g., books, articles) that you can use to enhance your understanding of multicultural issues.  
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2013 Diversity in Practice Task Force Members:
June W. J. Ching, Ph.D., ABPP (Chair)
Michi Fu, Ph.D.
Keely Kolmes, Psy.D.
Lori C. Thomas, J.D., Ph.D.
Erlanger A. Turner, Ph.D.
Steven Walfish, Ph.D. (Ex-Officio)