1. Objective: To recognize a Division 42 member who has made significant contributions in promoting the practice of psychology with a focus on diversity that includes: a commitment and prioritization of the advancement of diversity, inclusion, and equity throughout their work. The nominee should demonstrate leadership in the advancement of diversity, inclusion, and equity through outstanding leadership, applied or basic research, education, training, professional practice, psychological consultation, organizational service, or advocacy at the state, national, or international level.
  2. Criteria to be considered:
    • The candidate has developed and implemented culturally competent models of psychological practice focused on minority, marginalized, or underserved populations.
    • The candidate demonstrates exemplary leadership and service in advocating for organizational policies and activities which promote inclusion, recruitment and retention of individuals from minority, marginalized, or underserved groups in state and national governance.
    • The candidate promotes applied or basic research and expansion of knowledge in the practice of psychology focused on the disparity of health services among minority, marginalized, or underrepresented groups.

Award History: Diversity Award

  • 2023 Bhupin Butaney, PhD
  • 2022 Derek Phillips, PsyD, MSCP, ABMP
  • 2021 June Ching, PhD, ABPP