The Division 42 Board would like to thank nominees for APA President-elect who requested endorsement from the Division. The slate of candidates was strong this year and the Division evaluated candidates based on responses to the following:

  1. The Division looked at the nominees’ contributions to the practice of psychology, including any positions held and past or current contributions to the Division.
  2. The reorganization of the Association into APA (c3) and APA Services, Inc. (APASI; c6) was considered a critical issue affecting the ability to advance, defend, and protect the practice of psychology. Candidates were evaluated on the concrete measures they would take to address significant budget deficits at APA and to continue legislative advocacy that impacts practicing psychologists, particularly considering staff reductions made in June 2020.
  3. The candidates were evaluated on their position on and plans to address a) improved transparency of the APA Board of Directors and staff leadership with APA Council and, b) changes, if any, that the nominee would make to the Council Leadership Team (CLT) to make it more effective for the Council of Representatives.
  4. The nominees were asked to explain how they would address the effects of the Good Governance Project; particularly, a) the delegation of fiscal and other responsibilities exclusively to the Board of Directors, b) the possibility of boards, committees, Council, convention, Practice Leadership Conference, etc., going remote rather than meeting in-person and, c) the possibility of re-sizing the Council of Representatives so that divisions and SPTAs will no longer be represented.
  5. The nominees were asked their input on the accreditation of health service psychology programs at the master’s level and their opinion on how the effort to accredit these programs will impact the professional practice of psychology, particularly current doctoral level psychologists and membership and governance structures of APA.
  6. They were asked how they would distinguish between a doctoral level psychologist and a master’s level practitioner.
  7. They were then given the opportunity to identify additional vital areas facing the practice of psychology going forward and how they plan to address these during their presidency.

Based on responses the nominees provided to the Division, the Board of Directors has the pleasure of endorsing Dr. Mary Ann McCabe and Dr. Diana Prescott co-equally as first-choice recommendations.

Full endorsement information and candidate responses will be posted in early September.