APA Division 42, Division of Psychologists in Independent Practice Policy Regarding Endorsement of Candidates for APA President-Elect

It shall be the policy of the Division of Independent Practice to consider endorsing one or more candidates for APA president-elect in response to the request(s) of the candidate(s). There is no requirement that the Division endorse candidates for each election. The decision to endorse one or more candidates will be made by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

As soon as the nominees are known all candidates for APA president-elect will receive notification from Division 42 of the opportunity for endorsement. Attached to the notification will be a list of questions that each candidate who requests endorsement must complete. The answers to each question should not be longer than 150 words. Requests for endorsement and the accompanying responses to all of the questions must be returned to the Division 42 Administrator no later than June 15 of the year of the election.

Candidates who do not submit a written request or responses by June 15 will not be considered for endorsement.
The current Past-President will chair a work group along with two other voting board members to review the submitted material thoroughly. The work group will make recommendations to the Division 42 Board in July either via conference call or board listserv.

All responses will be provided to the Division 42 Board for discussion at the August (APA convention) board meeting.

The Board may endorse candidates on the basis of their responses and his/her demonstrated investment and contributions to the advancement of independent practice. If the Board decides to endorse more than one candidate, the candidate (s) may be endorsed equally (co-endorsed) or ranked in endorsement by a majority vote of the board.

A rationale for each endorsement, written by the past president and endorsed by the Board, will be placed in the IP, the Division 42 website, and the Division listservs as quickly as possible after the Board’s decision. The ranked candidates’ photos will also appear prominently in the IP with a statement of the Division’s endorsement.

Endorsed candidates’ responses to the questions will be published by the Division in the Independent Practitioner (IP) and on the Division website after the Board’s endorsement process has been completed. In addition, all candidates endorsed by the Division will be invited to submit an article to the
IP about practice-related issues. This will be accompanied by a headshot and brief author biography with an indication that the author is running for APA president-elect.

The Division will not provide financial support to any candidate.