This year’s APA Presidential Endorsement Committee was chaired by Dr. June Ching, who selected Dr. Nancy Molitor, Dr. Judith Patterson and Dr. Jeff Younggren as committee members.

During this past summer, the following took place:

D42 central office sent a note to all five APA President-Elect candidates asking that if they would like to request our endorsement, they could answer the listed questions and return their responses no later than June 15. Please note that the questions sent were those that the Board helped to develop and approved.

The EPC received 3 requests for endorsement:

  1. Jessica Henderson Daniel
  2. Kurt Geisinger
  3. Rodney Lowman

Two candidates did not seek D42 endorsement.

The EPC developed a simplistic scoring scale to rate each candidate based on the categories based of the questions posed to each of the candidates’ responses, along with 42 membership and involvement.

The 3 candidate statements and the Revised APA D42 Policy Regarding Endorsement of Candidates for APA President-Elect were included in the review materials.

All four members of the EPC scored each candidate based on the devised scoring system. There was a distinction between the candidates.

The EPC then sent the 3 endorsement requests along with the candidates’ statements and a scoring form to each voting member of the D42 Board, requesting that each voting member fill out the scoring form and send them back to Dr. Ching by July 15. The assumption from the EPC was that the voting Board members could use the objective data along with the upcoming board discussion to help make their decisions about endorsement of a candidate. The scores are seen as a springboard to discussion and in no way meant to be the defining reason for decision making.

The EPC received scoring forms from 15 voting board members. Four board members were not able to send in their scoring forms, although one sent in their rankings.
The chair collated all of the data received and compiled a sum total as well as an average score for each candidate.

The total and average scores for each candidate were sent to the board members.

The chair created a spreadsheet summary based on responses of the 3 candidate statements and their D42 history to assist in deliberations.

After the Board decides endorsements, the following are the next steps:

The endorsed candidate will then be featured in the IP and D42 website. There will also be a post on the listserv and announcement-only listserv as quickly as possible after the board’s decisions, stating D42’s endorsement and the reasons for the endorsement. In addition, the candidate endorsed by D42 will be invited to submit an article to the IP about practice-related issues. This will be accompanied by a headshot and brief author biography with an indication that the author is running for APA president-elect.

If the Board decides to endorse more than one candidate, the candidate(s) may be endorsed equally (co-endorsed) or ranked in the endorsement by a majority vote of the board. A rationale for each endorsement, written by the past president and endorsed by the board will be placed in the IP and on the D42 website.

All candidates who requested endorsement should be notified of D42’s decisions.

D42 will not provide financial support to any candidate.