President’s Column
Advocacy: Being at the Forefront — June W. J. Ching

Opinions and Policy
Alice’s 50th Anniversary Tourn – Pat DeLeon
Public Health Consulting for Safety: The Welcome Mat is Out for Independent Practitioners — Robert H. Woody

Liability, Malpractice and Risk Management
Limits of Confidentiality: Confusion Regarding Implementation — David Shapiro
Essential Clinical Practice Strategies for the Prevention for Disciplinary Complaints — Jeffrey E. Barnett

Focus on Clinical Practice
Featured Expert Review: Understanding and Treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder using CBT — Lata K. McGinn
From Research to Practice – Andrea H. Phronebarger & Andrea Kozak Miller

Focus on Diversity
Independent Practitioner Diversity Matters — Michi Fu & Doug Haldeman

Division News and Notes
Forensic Psychology Committee Report — I. Bruce Frumkin
Candidate Statements

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