President’s Column
Promoting a Culture of Inspiration and Innovation in Practice — June W. J. Ching

Opinions and Policy
Independent Practice Under the Affordable Care Act: Legal Strategies — Robert H. Woody
Liability, Malpractice, and Risk Management
Trends in Malpractice Litigation — David Shapiro

Focus on Clinical Practice
Featured Expert Review: Forensic CBT: An Integrated Approach for Working With
Justice-Involved Clients —Raymond Chip Tafrate and Damon Mitchell
Challenges and Opportunities: Religion and spirituality in clinical psychology — David Zuniga

Focus on the Business of Practice
Growing and Sustaining a Private Practice: Opportunities Are Where You Find Them and Where You
Make Them —Steven Walfish
Moms in Independent Practice: One Mom’s Story — Lauren Behrman

Focus on Diversity
Diversity Narrative Project —Michi Fu & Doug Haldeman

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