Dr. Kevin ArnoldI am always proud to be in a leadership role for Division 42, but never more so than recently.  Our Division has made efforts on several fronts to advance the practice of psychology in meaningful ways:

APA’s Clinical Practice Guidelines

Division 42 has been on the front edge of advocating within APA for revisions to the process and structure of its writing and publishing of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs).  These efforts have included work at the APA committee/board level and at the APA Council of Representatives.  The Division seems to have had an impact, as can be seen in the 2018 decision by the CPG Advisory Steering Committee to consider revisions based on concerns raised, in part, by Division 42 (https://www.apa.org/about/offices/directorates/guidelines/2018-june-summary.pdf).

Most recently, concerns about the CPGs themselves, how they might be influenced by outside organizations (e.g., insurance carriers), and APA’s role in influencing third party payer treatment guidelines have all generated a “buzz” on the Division 42 ListServ.  Further, Division 42 has communicated with other APA Divisions and is assuming a leadership role in establishing a question/answer dialogue with APA on these issues.

Integrated/Co-Located Care

Division 42 continues to make progress on my Presidential Initiative to expand private, independent practitioners into medical centers—particularly community-based primary care.  APA Practice has assigned a staff member to work with Division 42 to produce our Toolkit for Enhanced Co-Location.  The Division’s intent to provide resources to our members to create co-location as a part of their practices, and to move the practice of psychology from survivability to “thrivability.”

Upcoming Convention Activities

Please plan to attend our Division 42 social event, presentations, and Presidential Address.  These activities are ways to see old friends or meet new ones.  If you are a new member of Division 42 this year, please attend Division’s program offerings which were published on the Division 42 Listserv in May.  I want to meet you personally and thank you for allowing us to be one of your professional homes.