According to, and the Dr. Amy Acton’s order, mental health and substance abuse providers and staff are essential workers, and CCBT will continue to provide services using all the precautions requested by Dr. Acton and Governor DeWine.

If you need services and aren’t already a patient, please feel free to contact us.  Our intake email is in several places on the website, or you can call us at 614-459-4490.

Physicians, please refer patients through fax referrals, including ONLY demographic data and the reason for the referral.  Your staff or EHR can fax it to 614-457-3656.

Our office will continue to provide the majority of services through telehealth.  We prefer patients consider that the best option.  If your mental health needs require face-to-face services, please remember that we follow all the guidance from Dr. Amy Acton’s office. If you must be seen in person, and your provider agrees, you MUST take your temperature before leaving your home and provide evidence that it is not elevated if requested.

Below on this website are resources to assist you in making the next two weeks more than just tolerable.  Remember, #ApartWeStandTogether #AWST